Are you planning for your next holiday trip? Judging by the many posts on long weekends floating about social media, many of us are. When packing for a vacation, it’s always a hassle figuring out which of your skincare products to bring or if it’s humanly possible to squeeze your entire skincare routine into your luggage. What should you bring and what do you look out for in a product?

First off would be your basic essentials: Serum, Emulsion and Eye-care. This trio should always be in your travel bag regardless of where you’re going.

It’s worth considering a few other products to your travel kit, depending on your destination. Is it winter cold or a bright sunny beach? Or perhaps you’re going to a city that might have polluted air from cars and other gases. These factors will affect your skin in different ways and planning ahead will help your skin deal better, allowing you in turn to fully enjoy your holiday. Here are three types of vacation destinations and how to prepare for them:

#1 Winter Vacation

Off to a cool vacation? Cold weather often leaves your skin dry and dehydrated so it’s important to bring products which provide extra hydration. Bring items like oil masks to give your skin the hydration it needs against the cold outside and the indoor heating. Lip balm will also be essential to prevent cracking (ouch!).

#2 Sunny Beach

If you’re heading down to the beach or to lay out in the sun by the pool the one thing you should never forget is your sunblock (better make that waterproof too)! The sun is harsh on our skin so look out for products not only with sun protection but are also anti-ageing, anti-acne (increased sebum production means you have a higher chance of pimples popping up) and radiance to treat dull skin. A good tip is to bring face & body scrub to help slough off all that dried out and dead skin piling up from your sunny vacation.

#3 City Life

Cities often mean the air is likely more polluted than the countryside due to all the cars and more in the nearby environment. Anti-pollution will be essential in your skincare to reduce all the free radicals and more from affecting your skin. It’s also important to have hydration and radiance in your skincare to protect your skin from the sun and air-condition. Lastly don’t forget to use a face and body scrub to remove all the dirt and dead skin cell piling up to prevent breakouts.

Bonus Tip!

Taking a plane flight to your holiday destination? Throw on a sheet mask on your night flight to keep your skin from drying out on the plane. If you’re worried about getting weird looks from your neighbors, applying a thickish layer of emulsion works too.

Hopefully you’ve found all these information helpful and now you’re better able to plan your skincare routine for your vacation!

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