With 2018 out of the starting blocks, your attention has turned to the year ahead, bringing to the fore the ever popular question of your “New year resolutions”. This year, you might want to consider how to be more environmentally friendly. Especially when you realise how much pollution can impact your well being! Pollution is often talked about especially during the haze season for its effects on health. Have you ever wondered what it does to your skin?

How pollution affects our skin

Pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and carbon oxide attack skin cells and generate free radicals, causing inflammation, dehydration and loss of skin elasticity. In addition, air pollution consists of tiny particles, sometimes twenty times smaller than your pores. These micro-particles cover your skin with an invisible film that dulls and poisons it.

Day after day as our skin is exposed to these attacks, pollution causes the breakdown of collagen, which is responsible for firm and elastic skin, leading to premature signs of ageing.  Pollution also impairs a layer of skin known as the lipid layer that serves as a barrier, this allows more bacteria to cause inflammations.  Due to the tiny nature of these particles, air pollution isn’t always easy to notice. When you can see the haze often what you are looking at are the larger particles and water vapour, tiny particles go unnoticed by the human eye.

What we can do

Besides making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly, we can take proactive actions to protect our skin from pollution. Here are three steps to keep in mind: Clean, Repair & Protect

#1 Cleanse
Wash and clean your skin on a daily basis to remove all traces of grime and bacteria you may have picked up from the air during the day. In case you find yourself with dull skin, exfoliate regularly to remove dead cells.

#2 Repair
Fight against the pollution with anti-oxidant rich products and food to prevent break down of collagen. This includes eating food like blueberries, leafy greens, dark chocolate and pecans. You should also drink plenty of water to flush toxins from your body as well.

#3Create a barrier 
The best option is to limit the impact of pollution on your skin alltogether. Make it a point to use skincare products that feature anti-pollution properties. As pollution compromises your skin barrier function, use anti UV to protect your skin made more vulnerable by external factors.

Unsure if your city is facing air pollution or if your skin is being affected? Start your free online skin consultation on our website now and know how the environment you live in affects YOUR skin.

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