Acne is a frustrating skin problem that often seems like it has no end. Even after you’ve managed to balance your oily skin and reduce acne breakout , you still have to deal with the scarring it leaves behind.

Acne scarring is due to skin damage caused by acne. Acne scars can look different, some are raised (meaning you can feel the bump when you pass your finger over the area), some look shiny and rubbery. While they look light pink at the start, they may take on a darker appearance, and look like pigmentation spots.

How to Prevent and Limit Acne Scarring
Here’s what to do to prevent or limit acne scarring, and retain a blemish-free skin after an acne breakout.

#1 Protect from sun
Exposing UV to the sun worsens the breakout as well as darkens inflamed skin. As a result, your acne scars will take longer to fade. Try to stay out of the sun and make sure that you wear UV protection daily, especially when you have acne breakouts. Choose UV protection that is non comedogenic and anti-inflammatory.

#2 Reduce inflammation
During acne breakouts, the skin is red and inflamed. When cells grow over these inflamed areas, it leads to bumps and unsmooth scars. Reducing the inflammation will allow for less visible acne scarring.

#3 Encourage collagen and elastin production
Collagen and elastin repair damaged skin cells and restore them to their original form. When inflammation is severe, collagen and elastin lose their ability to regenerate, and the scar takes longer to heal. Stimulating collagen and elastin production therefore helps reduce scarring time.

Acne scarring is a condition that can take time to fade, and in severe cases become permanent. Therefore, it is important that you deal with acne scarring by preventing its occurrence and limiting it from becoming worse. Sticking to the above tips, while making use of Alcheme’s personalized skin care products can help you deal with your acne scars.

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