After a week of reunion meals, celebration dinners, and all-day snacking, you might find that your skin feels a little dull. That your pimples are breaking out. To round it off, your eyes might also feel a little puffier than usual.

Read on to find out what is happening to your skin (and what to do about it)

 1-    Too much sugar and oil leads to skin inflammation…

Your body produces more insulin when it faces a surge in sugar and saturated fats. This in turn leads to oxidative stress (a.k.a micro inflammation) at your skin cells level, leading to dull, tired looking skin

2-    … which in turn triggers breakouts

Insulin also leads your skin to produce more oil. Add this factor to the inflamed state described above, and you have the perfect conditions for pimple breakouts

 3-    High salt intake adds on to your woes

Salt causes fluid retention in your body – the delicate area around your eye is a very visible place where puffiness can manifest itself.


So… apart from shelving your pineapple tarts and bak kwa, what can you do?

1-    Eat healthy, drink loads to allow your skin to recuperate faster

Strawberries, oranges and kiwi fruits are natural antioxidants packed with vitamin C, which heals blemishes, countering CNY breakouts.

2-    Catch some Z’s

Sleep allows your skin to repair oxidative damage. In fact, cells renewal is at its peak around 2am, so be in bed before midnight to maximise benefits to your skin.

3-    Get that blood flowing for natural detox!

Exercise increases blood flow, which toxins and waste products (including free radicals produced by inflamed skin) to be removed from your cells more efficiently.

4-    Look for the following active ingredients in your skin care 

Vitamin C:  vital for the development and the repair of skin cells. In addition to its antioxydant properties, vitamin C reduces pore blockage as well as helps acne scars to heal.

Vitamin A: works together with Vitamin C by clearing pores and reducing inflammation and blemishes.

Zinc sulfate: has an astringent which helps to reduces oil production, balancing oily and combination skin types.

Wu Zhu extract: stimulates blood circulation in the blood vessels, improving skin nutrition and oxygenation for a more radiant skin

Caffeine: stimulates the release of fat and improves blood flow, helping to depuff the eye area

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