Since our eye serum launch, we have received many questions related to the eye contour and appropriate ways to take care of its fragile and sensitive skin. Read on for answers to some of these frequently asked questions:

I-    Does your eye contour age faster?

The skin around the eye area is the thinnest, as well as having a lower density in oil glands, resulting in it being more sensitive and drier than the rest of the face. Add the fact that the skin around the eye is in constant movement (we blink on average 10,000 times a day) and the skin around the eye area is the first to lose in elasticity, resulting in the first visible expression lines.
As we age, dark circles and puffiness also become more marked, accentuating a tired, fatigued appearance.

II- How to best take care of your eye contour?

1.  Avoid using your face moisturiser and serum around the eye area.

As the eye contour has tight pores, a texture that is too rich risks clogging those pores, resulting in the appearance of milia seeds (those hard, white points which feel like hard pin heads). Another reason to avoid using face products around the eye area: the dosage of active ingredients might not be appropriate for the sensitive eye contour, causing irritations and redness.

2.  Look for eye care that has been tested for eye and skin irritation to limit the risk of allergic reaction

3.  What benefits should you be looking for in your eye care?

– in-depth hydration is a must, especially if you spend your time in a cold, air conditioned environment

– anti oxidant / anti-ageing ingredients to help you preserve your elastin capital

– anti pollution and soothing ingredients to calm down the sensitive skin and avoid redness and flaky patches

– drainage and micro circulation stimulation to prevent / reduce eye puffiness and dark circles

III- What should you do if you have milia seeds?

First of all, don’t extract those milia seeds on your own. The pores are very fine and tight. Those milia seeds are very hard to squeeze out (believe me!), trying to extract milia seeds will damage the skin. Stop using the product you are applying to that area and see if they disappear over time as your skin renews. Alternatively, a beautician will be able to remove them, using a clean needle with minimum damage to your skin.

IV- Do you need a richer, creamier texture as your skin ages?

The richer the texture of a product, the higher its oil content. While oil offers a layer of protection against external factors, this does not mean that that it offers stronger anti-ageing properties. More important for mature skins: look for a complete combination of active ingredients and nutrients to replenish and rejuvenate the eye contour, protect it from external aggressions and reduce skin sensitivity, as well as addressing concerns specific to the eye area such as dark circles and eyebags which tend to accentuate with age.


V- How should you apply your eye care?

– Apply your eye serum on cleansed and toned skin morning and / or night, before your face serum

– Place 1 pump of eye serum on your fingertips, warm the product by rubbing your fingertips together

– Gently apply from the inner to the outer corner of the eye, starting under the eye then moving to the upper eye, to promote circulation


Need a visual aid for application tips? Visit our Instagram for a video tutorial: How to: Eye Serum

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