If you wish to reduce the size of your pores, know that you are not alone: enlarged pores is one of the top 3 concerns in Singapore – and we finally have found the ingredients which will help!

Why do I have enlarged pores in the first place?
Visible pores first appear in the T-zone due to the cumulated effect of excess of oil and loss in firmness and then on the sides of the nose and on the cheeks. As time goes by, pores start to be more visible, due to: 
– excess in oil production resulting in clogged and enlarged pores
– ineffective cleaning which allows dust and particles to accumulate in the pores
– reduced firmness and elasticity in the skin resulting in sagging. 

Introducing Alcheme’s wheat based ceramide, the pore tightener 
Ceramides are lipid molecules naturally present at the surface of the skin. They help reduce the loss of water from the skin, reinforcing the skin barrier and play a role in preserving skin elasticity and refined pores. Ceramide improves skin’s elasticity, reducing the deterioration of elastin and collagen.

Alche{me} is introducing a new star ingredient, a 100% natural wheat based ceramide which helps smoothen pores as well as help restore the skin barrier to increase hydration levels in the skin.
We are so excited to customise your serum or moisturiser with this exciting ingredient!

Clinical results 
After 2 months of twice daily use: 73% of skin roughness due to smoothening of pores.

Alcheme’s personalised formulation aims to tackle all aspects which contribute to YOUR enlarged pores, for a visibly refined skin texture
We believe in a holistic approach to each particular problem: enlarged pores due to 
– excess oil: a combination of vitamin C & Zinc, to reduce sebum production + ceramide to tighten the pores
– enlarged pores due to exposure to dust & micro particules: moringa seeds to purify and protect the skin + ceramide 
– reduced firmness and elasticity: centella asiatica +ginseng + natural retinol babchi seed to tonify the skin and reduces wrinkles + ceramide.

Come create the formulation which works best for your skin!