Cruelty free. Not tested on Animals. These labels mean that no animal was harmed in the process of testing and producing of our products. At the same time, customer safety is the #1 priority. Find out how we enforce both, without compromise on product quality.

1-    We use human volunteers in a controlled environment 

We test for allergies and skin reaction on real people! Our product testing is conducted by an independent party in Europe, with volunteers  following a strict protocol, applying our products on patches of their skin, under the supervision of a dermatologist.

2-    We use in vitro testing (a.k.a. testing out of pipettes and petri dishes) 

We also test for eye irritation (in case you accidentally poke yourself in the eye while applying your skincare…) as well as bacteria proliferation in vitro. These tests comply with European norms and are conducted in Italy and Korea by independent labs.

3-    We choose our ingredients and suppliers carefully

The cruelty free journey starts with ingredients and supplier assessment, as animal testing is often done at the ingredient level. It is possible to offer safe, traceable skincare without relying on animal testing. Research and development has evolved by leaps and bounds, offering alternative ways to ensure product effectiveness. We partner with laboratories that share the same values and have adopted no animal testing policy.

At alche{me} it is something we feel very strongly about and we are always keen to explore new ways of developing new, better products. Watch this space!