One of the best parts of entrepreneurship is the unexpected encounters you make along the way. At alcheme, it is a joy to meet and exchange with our customers, to understand about their skin journey and what brought them to bespoke and conscious skincare.

We have meet truly inspiring women who shared with us their passion, explaining how they are taking on challenges of their own, transforming their own industries, shaping them to be more mindful of the environment.Today, we shine the spotlight on Susannah Jaffer, the bubbly founder of Zerrin, a multi label boutique curating beautiful brands which make a social and environmental difference. Read on to learn why she took the plunge into entrepreneurship and discover her tips to live more consciously in Singapore

#1 Why did you start Zerrin ?

You see, ever since I can remember, I’ve lived and breathed the fashion industry, either in retail or in the media. Back in the UK in my teens before moving to Singapore (I moved here at 21 after finishing uni) I was your typical fast-fashion consumer, spending most of my free time ‘window-shopping’ on ASOS online back in my dorm room during my A-Levels.

The majority of my career on this side of the world was as style and beauty editor at a magazine in Singapore. A few years went by, and although I loved my job, I found myself becoming jaded with the seasonal repetition of many international brands, and increasingly irritated with the poor quality of mass market fashion (because stuffy fabrics in the tropics and clothes falling apart in the wash after just a few wears is never cool!) On the flip side, through my work and travels I also discovered creative local designers and upcoming indie businesses whose designs I found way more exciting and consciously made.

Then, in 2015, by chance I attended a screening of Andrew Morgan’s The True Cost. Gosh, it was a rude awakening. If you’re yet to watch it, it’s a fascinating documentary that spotlights the social and environmental effects of the fashion industry supply chain, particularly in developing countries (where most of our clothes are made).
Thanks to the film and the culmination of my experiences throughout my career, I decided to consciously cut my spending and only support brands that championed socially or environmentally responsible values.

#2 What do you do with Zerrin ?

ZERRIN is a multi-label boutique and lifestyle guide empowering you to shop and live better on your terms.
We curate unique, design-led brands with a meaningful story and positive social or environmental impact, helping you to discover and support labels that are paving the way for a more ethical, inclusive and diverse fashion industry.

Through ZERRIN, I wanted to create a platform that helped women brands online that care about people and the planet, but I also wanted to inspire others to feel more connected to their purchases and to consume more mindfully.

#3 How to live consciously in SG?

Be eco-friendly and take public transport, it’s some of the best in the world. City life can be emotionally and mentally draining so find time for you – a lit candle, some essential oils and a good book. Refuse plastic – there’s too many reusable options for you now (that look good too!) so there’s no excuse.

#4: How to you manage consciously your shopping during GSS where you have to balance good deal bargains vs. stocking up products, that you may never use?

To be 100% honest, I don’t remember the last time I shopped during GSS! I often find with sales you’re enticed to buy things you don’t actually need. If I were to make a purchase, I would give it a long hard think before I commit, and probably really researched what I need (whether it’s household or cosmetics etc) before actually browsing in the first place.

#5: Alcheme product you love most

I adore the Boost Me Brighten Face Mask as it keeps my complexion glow and even, despite many late nights! I leave it on overnight after cleansing and toning and rinse off in my morning shower.