Our products are formulated developed and made to measure in Singapore. And you may have seen Amy at our pop ups, offering skin advice as well as formulating on the spot for our customers. Research & Development (R&D) is at the core of alche{me}’s values. It is what allows us to offer conscious formulations which are adapted to each of our customers, so we thought it was high time to sit down with Amy to ask her some of the questions we have heard most frequently from our customers.

#1 Where do alche{me}’s ingredients come from?

Our ingredients are harvested all over the world and than extracted at our suppliers production sites, located in Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States.

The extraction process is as critical as the quality of the plants which are used, as it impacts the concentration and efficiency of the active ingredients. Working with high quality suppliers ensures the traceability and performance consistency of our ingredients.

#2 How do you choose your ingredients?

There are thousands of active ingredients on the market. It is hard to differentiate them as they all promise great benefits! Performance is aAlche{me}’s number one criteria, we assess ingredients based on:

– In vitro tests which demonstrate how an ingredient impacts the skin mechanism

– In vivo tests, which measure on volunteers actual results on the skin

Natural origin as well as traceability are also criteria we take into account in our ingredients selection, so that our products can deliver results for our customers over time.

The last criteria would be compatibility with the rest of the ingredients, and sensorial appeal. For example, we decided to eliminate one natural flower extract at the very last round of testing because of the smell.

We have been guided in our selection by our R&D advisor, Lionel de Benetti, who has developed formulations over the past 40 years, working for brands such as Clarins and Sisley.

3- What is your favourite skincare ingredient, and why?

My favourite ingredient would be Vitamin C. The Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate) used by alche{me} is in oil soluble form, which means that it is heat stable and oxydation-stable, allowing it to perform longer than its water soluble forms.

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate is also a triple care ingredients which can help on radiance, ageing and acne concern! It helps to inhibit Melanogenesis which means less melanin is produced and thus less pigmentation appears on your skin. It is also an excellent antioxidant to prevent lipids peroxidation and premature aging. It also causes a decrease in sebum oxidation and reduces acne. All in all a very helpful ingredient which is why it is my favourite.

4- How long did it take to develop a product, for example alche{me}’s personalised serum

It took us close to 18 months to finalise the formulation as well as pass all the tests.

In total, it took about 100 trials to formulate the texture of the serum – as it needed to work with different combinations and dosages of active ingredients. Because our products are highly dosed in natural active ingredients, finding the right mix of preservatives that would keep the product safe was also a challenge.

Because Singapore’s weather is so humid, we were looking for a texture which would be lightweight, fast penetrating, while still providing the nutrition and protection that the skin needs. A fine balancing act…

5- What would be your skin tip to our customers?

Always take a look at the ingredients list on your products. The ingredients are listed in descending order of concentration, it helps you understand better what you’re applying to your skin. I have acne prone and sensitive skin, thus I typically try to avoid some ingredients in my skin care such as silicones, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and etc..