When do you need to toss out your skincare products?

It’s really hard to thow out beauty products. Who does not have a jar of half used moisturiser sitting on the shelf, or discarded lipstick lying in the drawer for years.
While we all know that food has an expiry date, less known is the fact that your skincare has one too.
Expired products do more harm than good: they might cause irritation and breakouts. At the very least, their active ingredients are no longer effective for your skin.

Why you should throw away expired products

Once opened, skincare products attract bacteria, which multiply and thrive, especially in the hot and humid environment of your bathroom. This is particularly true for skincare presented in a cream jar, but also for pump like containers which are not airless.
Preservatives stop bacteria proliferation, keeping your products safe to use. However they become ineffective over time, at which point your product might start to mould or separate into water and oil phase.
In contact with light, your skincare product will also tend to oxidise, rendering certain active ingredients ineffective. This is particularly true of certain ingredients which are more fragile: vitamin C tends to oxidise relatively fast, retinol and UV filters become unstable when exposed to sunlight.

Look at the labels

Some products have an expiry date on the back of package or under. If there isn’t, look at the back of your product for the PAO (period after opening) icon of an open jar. The number, followed by a “M” shows within how many months you should use the product once open. For example, the “6M” icon means that this product should be used within 6 months of it being opened and exposed to air.

Throw away any product that shows dephasing (there is a thin oil layer sitting on top), smell strange, have an unusual texture (shows lumps or become very liquid), have become dark in color.

Dos and Don’ts to keep your products longer

– Keep your beauty products out of the sun as high temperatures accelerate product deterioration. In fact keeping your products at a temperature of 40°C accelerates their ageing by three (e.g. 4 months at 40°C = 1 year at a 25°C temperature)

– Wash your hands before using your beauty products

– Use a skincare spatula to scoop out your moisturiser instead of dipping your fingers in the jar

– Fasten back the cap securely after use

– Choose a packaging with a pump to reduce risk of contamination

– Don’t store your skincare in the fridge – the temperature is too low and it will accelerate product ageing.

– Avoid stocking up on skincare products (and if you do, keep them in a cool dry drawer)

What about alche{me} products?

Our bespoke products are made to measure for each customer, for maximum freshness and efficiency. These products should be used within 6 months of being purchased. The rest of our products have an expiration date underneath

Alcheme offers a free online consultation to help you assess your ski and find a personalized skin care solution that is a perfect match for your skin needs.

Any questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions. We are here to help!