This week, we shine the spotlight on Antoinette, a customer we meet when Alche{me} first launched, way back… in 2018. At the time, she was working on her own project, Safespace, an app designed to make access to professional selfcare less daunting.

We were truly inspired by Antoinette’s energy, drive and creativity. We are thrilled to see Safespace launch this month, through a ground breaking crowd funding event, no less.


1. Why did you start Safe Space?

The idea first came to the team from personal experiences. For 2 of the founders that were previously from the advertising industry, we have seen ex-colleagues break down from stress and had panic attacks right next to us.

The first thing we did was a Google search for “counsellors singapore asap”  and were shocked by the lack of fast, discreet and affordable services in Singapore. After further research, we found out there were over 1,000 professional mental health therapists all over Singapore but most don’t have a website and relied heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. Even if we were searching for them, we’d never find them.

Therefore, we saw a gap in this sector and decided to use our existing skill set to also give back to the community by building a platform that solves 2 key problems:

– Connecting people with professional therapists in real-time

– Increasing the client pool with professional therapists


2. What does Safe Space offer?

Our goal is to offer a safe space for everyone to strengthen their mental resilience with professional therapists.

Therefore, we created the Safe Space app which is like Uber or Grab but instead of connecting people to drivers, we connect people to professional mental health therapists.

It’s a one-stop-shop that offers both online counselling and offline counselling services that can be booked though 1 secured app.


3. What would be your tips to stay mindful and centered in Singapore (please feel free to adjust this question if needed!)

I found 3 practices that work best for me:

– When I feel overwhelmed, I would usually go to the restroom or a nearby park to sit quietly and slow down my breathing for the next 60 secs.

– Positive self-talk has also been a very big part on keeping myself grounded. We’re kind to to others but we need to be kind to ourselves too.

– Exercise – it’s an endorphin boost which is a feel-good hormone. By including yoga into my exercise regime, I get an endorphin boost, reduced stress and it improves my fitness.


4. How did you discover alcheme?

I first discovered Alcheme at The Boutique Fairs in 2018 and got to know the founders and how Alcheme came about. I have sensitive combination skin so the idea of customizing my skincare was very appealing.


5. Which alcheme product do you love most?

I enjoy the personalized eye serum! It’s very light and helps to reduce my eye puffiness from all the late nights.