As we head into forest clearing season in South East Asia, our air quality takes a fall. It does not help that this is the driest Singapore has been in the past twenty years*.

Already, some of our customers have noticed changes in their skin. If it suddenly feels like your skin is tighter, your pores more visible, you have irritated skin with red spots, read on to understand how pollution take a toll on your skin (and what we do about it)

Meet the culprits: Pollutants 

Sulfur dioxide and gases such as carbon oxide are able to penetrate the skin barrier and attack skin cells, generating free radicals which cause skin damage.

Micro particles which are not small enough to pass the skin barrier cover the skin with an invisible layer, that asphyxiates the skin and dulls it. They also cause micro inflammation which lead to rashes for sensitive skins and can further stimulate break outs for oily and combination skins.


Meet the good guys, we have a couple ingredients up our sleeve to help your skin cope with the additional stress:

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly in the evening, to remove all dirt and grime residue

2. Hydrate your skin: skin sensitivity is aggravated when the skin is dehydrated. So make sure to drink throughout the day and adjust your  skincare if your skin feels tight within 2 hours in the morning

3. Exfoliate your skin regularly (at least weakly) to combat skin dullness and reduce the risk of pore clogging.

Interested in knowing more about ingredients? Stay tuned for our ingredients series, coming up in the next weeks…