This week we shine the spotlight on Agy, one of the cofounders of the Green Collective and a passionate advocate for sustainability and conscious living.
We meet Agy while doing DIY mask workshops with the Green Collective, started talking about sensitive skin (and finding the right natural ingredients to balance it!) and we have been customising for Agy since then!

We are inspired by Agy’s energy, commitment to building a better brighter future (filled with eco friendly brands) as well as her amazing multi tasking skills (she is also a textile artist to top it off!)

Talking about your entrepreneurial journey and with the Green Collective:

I’ve been an advocate for the environment since I first volunteered at Friends of the Earth in Hong Kong. It became my career, and for over 10 years, I was working as an environmental consultant and in policy making. I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship about 7 years ago – at that time I saw there was a need for more ground up activities to increase the general public’s environmental awareness beyond recycling. This saw me start a textile art practice that creates experiences and works for the community to connect with their environment.

Fast forward to last year, I met my amazing co-founders of The Green Collective SG. The idea of The Green Collective SG was conceptualized over networking between us. While coming from different backgrounds and different countries, the common challenge faced by us was to ensure that small brands focused on sustainability find it tough to be financially sustainable. With a vision to make sustainability mainstream, The Green Collective SG was set up as a one stop shop for consumers to find green alternatives to their everyday products. We also wanted to ensure that this business should be run by the community, and therefore created a unique business model which is runs like a rural cooperative and is based on sharing principle.

It’s been a very exciting journey for the 3 of us – Mayur Singh, Danielle Champagne and me – having grown from a small 3 month pop-up in the east of Singapore to a 2500 sq ft space in Funan, housing over 45 sustainable brands. We are proud to say that The Collective is possibly the first ever retail concept globally to be curated based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How do you see conscious living developing in Singapore and SEA:

It’s definitely growing. We are more aware of these issues compared to say 5 years ago – especially with the increase in knowledge (through the internet) and with the growing local ground-up initiatives that advocate a mindful lifestyle. With Singapore importing what we use in our daily lives from overseas, we have come to realise how our habits impact people and their local environments around the world. Take for example a $10 t-shirt that are ubiquitous in Singapore’s malls. It is likely to have been made in a factory in Bangladesh with cotton grown in the US that is milled in China! Even 90% of our food is imported from countries as far as Canada.

What do you like about alche{me} products:

I like the fact that the products can be tailored to meet your skin’s needs, and also you can try a sample size first. So, I can say bye-bye to wasting bottles of skincare because they don’t work for my skin.

Are there any ingredients you look for in your products or you want to avoid:

I get migraines from strong scents so I avoid products with heavy fragrances.