Activities like practicing yoga, stepping away from social media, having a walk and taking a warm bubble bath can help you unwind and relax; but what about cleansing your face? Benefits of a daily skin care routine might go beyond appearances. Indeed, any act of skincare can be considered self-care as anything that makes you feel good is usually a means of self-care

The very act of looking out for your skin, no matter the purpose, is comforting and soothing by nature. When you do a skin care routine, you’re usually alone, in your bathroom or somewhere quiet, and it’s just you and the mirror : it’s about taking few minutes just for you! Think of your skincare routine as a (me) time, when you can take a break and put everything on pause to just focus on you.

You can’t be your best self if you’re not taking care of yourself. And, you’re likely to do better in other parts of your life if you take the time for you. Skincare is an easy step into the doorway of practicing much bigger self-care acts, like finding things that you love to do and give you the space to get away, even if it’s for five minutes a day. All these (me) times make things a little bit more manageable.

And if that happens to be skin care, then more power to you.

Ultimately, it’s about making yourself and your well-being a priority, as self-care goes way beyond things like skincare. Skin routine is only the first step in better understanding how taking care of yourself is an all-encompassing way of living that can include large and small acts.

For many skincare devotees perfection isn’t the point. The routine, the pleasure, the space to experience that pleasure, and how all of these things give room to live — that’s the point, and as long as you continue to experience those things through skincare, then please take as long as you want to do your skincare routine !