While each skin is unique, certain characteristics appear more frequently with men:

On average, men’s skin is 25% thicker than women with a higher density in oil glands. This accounts for a skin type which tends to be oilier, with more visible pores. Men’s skin also has a higher collagen density, this coupled with thicker skin explains why men tend to age differently than women. Men tend to have fewer fine lines and wrinkles but more marked, deep expression lines. Men also tend to sweat more – combined with shaving routines and oilier skin; this can trigger skin sensitivities as well as breakouts.

These differences are taken into account for the selection and dosage of ingredients during the personalisation phase.

For this men’s launch, alche{me} is collaborating with SIX, a Singapore boutique fragrance house, to offer a fresh new fragrance for men. Men will have the option to choose an invigorating and clean scent, infused with Green Tea, Sandalwood and Cedar or go fragrance-free.