This week we sat down with Grace, one of the founders of new kid on the block, Lenicc Eyewear. The newly launched brand offers high UV protection personalised sunglasses.

The first time we meet Grace was during a skin consultation at Naiise. We started talking about personalisation and how difficult it is to get all the ingredients right. It’s been the perfect skin match since then.

We know how hard it is to create a new concept and are inspired by Grace’s sense of style and her commitment to offering top notch protection in addition to personalised style and comfort.

Read on to learn more about Grace’s unique perspective on personalised eyewear…

1)Can you share more about your entrepreneurial journey with Lenicc Eyewear?
It all started in December 2018. I was out shopping for a pair of sunglasses. I ended up looking around for hours and found 2 pairs – Loved the lens colour and frame styling of the first as well as the temples (arms) styling of the second. But I could not mix and match.
This sparked a simple idea: customise quality eyewear. It’s not just about style and comfort, but also top grade protection. So I seeked out experts in the fashion world for advice on the designing process, as well as eye medical professionals (optometrist and ophthalmologists) to understand key issues for Singaporeans: UV-protection, raised Asian-fit, coverage, side effects of UV exposure and so on.
Lenicc Eyewear was born!
2)How do you see conscious living / personalisation developing in Singapore and SEA
Personalisation has become an essential trend, customers are increasingly eager to embrace. It’s great to have your name or initials printed or stamped on your belongings.
We find that customers now know exactly what works and what does not work for them. They are more likely to request a specific colour, a particular material and a distinct look that speaks to them.
I am pretty certain that this trend will only grow stronger.
3)What do you like about alche{me} products ?
I like of the fact that the product is suitable for Asian skin in this humid weather.
The ingredient that i like most is the anti-pollutant, Moringa Oleifera Seeds which purifies the skin, protects from environmental factors such as cigarette smoke, pollution and micro particles.
4)Are there any ingredients you look for in your products or you want to avoid
My skin is sensitive to Neroli oil