Alcheme Serum, Your Personalized Concentrate.


Your personalised serum is crafted using sustainably-sourced active ingredients of the highest efficacy. 

Key active ingredients featured in Alcheme serum have been handpicked for their proven results and sourced from blue chip suppliers to ensure their quality and traceability.

Our ingredients portfolio includes Babchi seeds extract, Ascorbic tetraisopalmitate (high penetration Vitamin C), Wu Zhu fruit extract, Centella Asiatica, Moringa seed extract, Ginseng extract, Hyaluronic acid  and many more.

Start our skin consultation to discover which ingredients we would recommend for you.



Every morning and / or evening apply 1 to 2 pumps of Serum and pat gently on your face, on cleansed skin. Avoid Eye area.



Store your Alcheme products at room temperature. Combined with our airless packaging, Alcheme's innovative preservative system keeps your serum bacteria free and safe to use for two years. 

Nevetheless, we recommend you use your product within 6 months in order to fully benefit from the natural ingredients which were added to your personalized formula.