The Women behind Alcheme
We combine an intimate understanding of Asian women’s skin needs with French skincare Expertise.

Alcheme founders Tuyen Lamy and Constance Mandefield have worked for global skincare brands for the past 10+ years in Asia and in Europe.

Their project is rooted in the intimate understanding of women’s skincare needs, and in particular Asian women.

Their mission: offer truly personalised skincare and disrupt the way skincare is traditionally formulated, produced and recommended to customers along the way.


Meet the Team


Co-Founder & CEO
Tuyen grew up believing that skincare was part of your daily health regime (a pharmacist mother will drill that into you). Her colleagues in Hong Kong dragged her to a Beauty shop on her first day to try on new textures (and a Japanese eyelash curler). She has not looked back since.


Co-Founder & COO
Constance fell in love with the skincare world when she was a consultant, discovering the backstage of beauty groups, and that last for ten years. One thing was missing : the intention behind. Constance is always searching for better products, which are socially good and do not leave her wallet bare. She had to apply this to her Skincare…